China: Shahtoosh, king of wools

Living on the high, sparse steppe of the Tibetan plateau, the Tibetan antelope – or chiru – has found itself squeezed between the lines of the economic development that brought railways and roads to Tibet, stabbing in from the rest of China. The Beijing-Lhasa railway threatened to split the chiru’s habit in two, creating a […]

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UK: A thin blue line

The global illegal wildlife trade is valued in excess of $20 billion a year, according to a study commissioned by the WWF and Traffic, and whilst stopping animal trafficking was for long not a priority for governments, things have started to change. Governments are recognising that the illegal trade in animals is indeed a massive […]

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Rhinos: Too little, too late?

With the demand for rhino horn being driven primarily by the Vietnamese and Chinese markets, conservation groups have focused their attention on campaigns directed at combating its use both as a stimulant and as a medicine. The above poster is also available in Vietnamese, as it is in Vietnam that demand for rhino horn is […]

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